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ZeroeS: You've seen the best.  Now see the rest.  ZeroeS is a supplement for BASH! Ultimate Edition featuring less-than-super Heroes who have their hearts in the right place.  Perfect for those who want a bit of comedy in their campaigns. 

Megapolis: YEAR 2: Megapolis, the supers setting for BASH! gets an update to Ultimate Edition in Megapolis: YEAR 2.  See what your favorite Heroes and Villains have been up to in the past year, and also see how they are built in the most up-to-date edition of the BASH! rules.  Megapolis YEAR 2 will also include a map of the city, its history, and write-ups of the more important NPCs are areas, as well as a timeline of events for YEAR 2.

Legends of Steel: BASH! Fantasy Edition
At long last, BASH! Fantasy Edition is getting an update!  Starting with Legends of Steel.  A joint effort with Evil DM Productions, Legends of Steel: BASH! Fantasy Edition is set in the world of Erisa, a setting in the Sword & Sorcery Genre inspired by the likes of Conan and Thundaar.  This is the first BASH! Rule book to include a setting.  It is the first product using the rules that will become BASH! Ultimate Fantasy Edition, which updates BASH! Fantasy along the lines of BASH! Ultimate Edition. 

Age of Olympus
Journey back to ancient Greece, where the Gods clashed with the Titans!  Age of Olympus is a suppliment for BASH! Ultimate Edition which allows the players to take on the role of Olympion Gods, Heroes, and more.  Essentially, it is a "Fantasy Super Heroes" setting.

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