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Welcome to Basic Action Games! We are the makers of BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes, a fast-paced, rules-lite superhero rpg. 

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6/22/09: Basic Action Super Heroes: Ultimate Edition is in the works.  We should begin taking pre-orders in August.  Read more about it and peruse the cover!

6/20/09: Basic Action Games is now on Facebook!  Come join to get updates, chat, or discuss BASH! or Honor & Intrigue.

6/18/09: Basic Action Games is proud to announce an entirely new system in the works: Honor & Intrigue, a game a cinematic swashbuckling action.  You can read more on it an check out the cover at the link above.

6/10/09: Basic Action Games books are now available on  You can buy BASH! Sci-Fi Edition and Basic Action Super Heroes there. 

6/8/09: Basic Action Games wants to hear from you !  Do you have an idea for a game, adventure, or article?  Do you have some houserules or characters that you are dying to share?  Let us know! Fan contributions are how we make BAM! possible, and we're always open to good ideas!

For those who want BASH! in hardcopy, it is available now at our printing partner,

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