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BASH! Ultimate Edition is our flagship product.  It is a rules-lite superhero game that makes character creation simple, game-play move fast, and allows players to focus on fun.  The original edition continues to remain available as well.

Honor + Intrigue is an ENnie Award Winning role-playing game.  It is a swashbuckling adaptation of SImon Washbourne's acclaimed Barbarians of Lemuria RPG, introducing new features such as dueling maneuvers and ship to ship combat.  Whether you prefer your swashbucklers to be buccaneers, musketeers, or cavaliers, Honor + Intrigue offers plenty of opportunity to swing from chandeliers.

BASH! Adventure Modules Some Street-Level Adventures for BASH! Ultimate Edition have been released. They are now available on Rpgnow.com, Indie Press Revolution, and Pigames.net.

BAM! Basic Action Magazine is a totally free fanzine created to support BASH! products.  Inside you will find free adventures for Fantasy and Superheroes, previews, rules options, new material, and a regular column "To the Rescue" giving ideas of how to use certain types of superheroes.

BASH! Sci-Fi Edition is a Science Fiction adaptation of BASH! that lets you play everything from Space Opera to Cyberpunk, Victorian time travelers to trasforming giant robots. Inside you'll find complete rules for creating your own alien races, fleets of starships, psionic powers, cybernetics, and more!
BASH! Fantasy Edition is an adaptation of the fast and fun rules of BASH!  This system allows you to create play swordsmen, learned wizards, or cunning thieves in a fantasy setting.  This is a stand-alone product complete with rules, equipment, magic items, and monsters.  There are also rules for warfare, and alternate settings such as Samurai, Swashbucklers, Steam-Punk, and more. 

Island of the Forgotten Tomb is a swashbuckling supplement made for BASH! Fantasy Edition.  It includes a complete adventure and a mini-setting complete with its own nations, churches, Nautical Combat rules, various fencing schools, new powers, and swash-buckling genre allies and adversaries. 

Megapolis: A City of Supers is a complete setting for Basic Action Super Heroes.  Set in a fictional East coast city of Megapolis, the book includes a complete history of the city, descriptions of its boroughs, major industries, and of course its super-powered heroes and villains.  Learn about the secret organization HUSH and the government's super-police URGENT. There is a time-line of events detailing an entire year's worth of adventures that take place in the city, as well as Narrator's secrets, new powers, and optional rules.

Comments? Got an idea for BAM?  E-mail mastermind@bashrpg.com
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