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Welcome to Basic Action Games! We are the makers of BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes, a fast-paced, rules-lite superhero rpg. 

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Free Downloads!

Welcome to our Free Downloads section.  Here you can find support files for our games in various forms.  

Second Printing Download Support
Second Printing Errata
Detailed Examples -
Gives detailed Examples of Character Creation, and a detailed Example of Play

BAM! Basic Action Magazine
Our free Fanzine for you to download and enjoy.  Inside you'll find optional rules, free adventures, articles, and previews.  We're always looking for fan contributions, so if you have an idea for an adventure, article, optional rules, or anything for any BASH! product, we'd love to see it! 
BAM #1
BAM #2
BAM #3
BAM #4

BASH! Ultimate Edition Sample Characters

BASH! Ultimate Edition No Frills Narrator's ScreenThumbnail of Narrator's Screen
While it may not be pretty to look at, this Narrator's Screen will keep all the info you need at your fingertips. 

BASH! Dice Roll Chart

A fast easy way to instantly know the result of your rolls, for those who don't like multiplication.  Simply look at the number you rolled on the far left column, then cross-reference to the multiplier on the top row. The chart is color-coded so you can see if you beat a certain difficulty at a glance.
BASH! Dice Roll Chart PDFBash Dice Roll Chart image

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