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Welcome to Basic Action Games! We are the makers of BASH! Ultimate Edition, a fast-paced, rules-lite superhero rpg and Honor + Intrigue Swashbuckling Rpg.

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Free Downloads!

Welcome to our Free Downloads section.  Here you can find support files for our games in various forms.  

Megapolis: A City of Supers: The original setting for the original edition of BASH! This superheroic city still has a lot to offer even a BASH! UE campaign. It is set to "Pay What you Want" on Drivethru, so you can get it for free if you like (or chip in a bit more if you're game).

RESCUE FROM THE VOID: A free swashbuckling adventure in space for Honor + Intrigue intended for use with the Blasters + Intrigue supplement.

IMMORTAL PERIL: A BASH! Adventure set in the mythic lands of ancient Greece! That's right, ancient Greek superheroes!

HO HO HO, HEROES!: A free BASH! holiday-themed adventure set in Megapolis.

Detailed Examples - Gives detailed Examples of Character Creation, and a detailed Example of Play

BAM! Basic Action Magazine
BAM! was published as a free fanzine for the original edition of BASH! You can see inside how many of the ideas that were later incorporated into BASH! Ultimate Edition got their start and see the early content from when we transitioned to the Ultimate Edition. Inside you'll find optional rules, free adventures, articles, and previews for products that were on the horizon back then. 
BAM #1
BAM #2
BAM #3
BAM #4
BAM #6

BASH! Creator: Not a download, but still free! BASH! Creator is a fanmade character builder that makes building BASH! characters a snap and even includes information on how their Powers, Advantages, and Disadvantages work.

BASH! Ultimate Edition No Frills Narrator's ScreenThumbnail of Narrator's Screen
While it may not be pretty to look at, this Narrator's Screen will keep all the info you need at your fingertips. 

BASH! Dice Roll Chart

A fast easy way to instantly know the result of your rolls, for those who don't like multiplication.  Simply look at the number you rolled on the far left column, then cross-reference to the multiplier on the top row. The chart is color-coded so you can see if you beat a certain difficulty at a glance.
BASH! Dice Roll Chart PDFBash Dice Roll Chart image

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