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Island of the Forgotten Tomb

BASH! Fantasy Edition

BASH! Fantasy Edition is here! This game features fast character creation, quick combat, and over 70 powers both magic and mundane! You only need a pair of ordinary six-siders, this book and and a 3x5 card for your character, but we included a sheet anyway! There are hoardes of monsters, traps, and other dangers for your heroes to face down as well. Use this book to play an epic fantasy game, incorperate more "magic" into your BASH for Supers game, or to play just about any fantasy genre: High Fantasy and Low Fantasy from Samurais to Swashbucklers, and the Wild West as it never was!



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Island of the Forgotten Tomb is a Swashbuckling Adventure and Campaign Setting for BASH! Fantasy.

Sharpen your cutlass and prepare to set sail on a journey to discover a King's tomb on an uncharted isle. What perils await the heroes on the isle and and in the waters around it?

This also includes a short campaign setting for BASH! Fantasy Edition. It introduces a 17th century magical world not unlike our own. There are new powers, advantages, disadvantages, monsters, and rules for running a swashbuckling game. Also included are 10 "Fencing Schools" that grant charactacters a unique fighting style that improves with experience.

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