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Legends of Steel: BASH! Fantasy Edition
At long last, BASH! Fantasy Edition is getting an update!  Starting with Legends of Steel.  A joint effort with Evil DM Productions, Legends of Steel: BASH! Fantasy Edition is set in the world of Erisa, a setting in the Sword & Sorcery Genre inspired by the likes of Conan and Thundaar.  This is the first BASH! Rule book to include a setting.  It is the first product using the rules that will become BASH! Ultimate Fantasy Edition, which updates BASH! Fantasy along the lines of BASH! Ultimate Edition. 

Awesome Power
A Suppliment for BASH! Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Power will feature hundreds of "pre-fab" powers that have already been built. for you., making building characters on-the-fly much easier.  These powers are organized by themes called "Power Suites" such as "Fire" or "Gadgets" or "Inner Strength" to help you easily design a character, and include explaination of how they were built.  What's more, Awesome Power will feature rules for Random (but not ecclectic) character creation, new powers, Advantages, Disadvantages, and rules for Team Advantages and Disadvantages. 

Age of Olympus
Journey back to ancient Greece, where the Gods clashed with the Titans!  Age of Olympus is a suppliment for BASH! Ultimate Edition which allows the players to take on the role of Olympion Gods, Heroes, and more.  Essentially, it is a "Fantasy Super Heroes" setting.

Honor & Intrigue

Basic Action Games is happy to announce the creation of a new product line entitled "Honor + Intrigue". This is a brand-new game designed to emulate the high action of swashbucklers of the silver screen. Set in the 17th century, it is a time when daring highwaymen ply the coach-roads, Musketeers protect the king, and buccaneers take booty on the high-seas. Game masters should feel free to use history as a source of inspiration, not a restriction.

The game engine is based on Simon Washbourne's acclaimed "Barbarians of Lemuria" rpg. 

Features of the game include:
Fencing rules that emphasize using maneuvers and pressing advantage over your opponent-- you don't simply take turns hitting each other.  There are also 9 Dueling Schools, each with their own unique style.

Character's  back-stories are created as a part of making the Hero, so every hero has depth.

Characters are driven by their Motivations, which are often in conflict with one another.

The power of Fortune to overcome overwhelming odds.

Simple dice mechanics and character creation-- so you can dive right into the 17th century action and swing from the chandelier.

While we are not yet taking pre-orders, we are interested in playtesters. Those interested should contact Chris at

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