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Five Minutes to Midnight.  A dark and gritty story.  The adventure takes place in Manhattan in a grim, alternate Earth called "The Night Watch" Universe. It is a world where "Masks" began fighting crime back in the 1930s, but no superhuman powers were ever developed. Here, the Soviet Union never collapsed, and the Cold War is more harsh than ever. And it is about to turn deadly... 

Vengeance is Nigh
a Street-Level Adventure for BASH! Ultimate Edition has been released.  It is now available on Rpgnow.com, Indie Press Revolution, and Pigames.net.

In Destitution There is no Justice...  There is Only Vengeance!

Last night, Kirby Row was the scene of several grisly murders.  All of the victims were part of rival gangs.  URGENT, Megapolis' Super-Police believe that the culprit is the rogue vigilante called Vengeance.  His movements are mysterious, his motive unknown, and his methods are savage.  He is known for brutal crippling attacks on gangsters and dealers in the past in the slum called "Destitution Drive".  But has he crossed the line to homicide?

Vengeance is a hard man to find... Locals see him as a protector, criminals fear him.  Can the Heroes find him... or will Vengeance find them?

Features include: 

The adventure itself, meant to be played over 1-3 issues of play.

The Secret Origin of Vengeance.

Background material on some of Megapolis' areas and organizations.

10 Characters for your roster, including six playable Heroes (The Defenders of Megapolis), Vengeance, and a few others (sorry, no spoilers here).

Island of the Forgotten Tomb is a swashbuckling supplement made for BASH! Fantasy Edition.  It includes a complete adventure and a mini-setting complete with its own nations, churches, Nautical Combat rules, various fencing schools, new powers, and swash-buckling genre allies and adversaries. 

BAM! Basic Action Magazine is a totally free fanzine created to support BASH! products.  Inside you will find a number of free adventures for Fantasy and Superheroes.  It also has previews, rules options, new material, and a regular column "To the Rescue" giving ideas of how to use certain types of superheroes.

Comments? Got an idea for BAM?  E-mail mastermind@bashrpg.com
Five Minutes to Midnight Cover

Vengenace is Nigh Cover

Island of the Forgotten Tomb